The More Moss Park public consultation is a five-month process that will help shape a vision for new facilities and park space in Moss Park. Local residents and people who use John Innes Community Centre, Moss Park Arena and the park space around them are invited to share ideas and advice to help ensure that plans meet everyone’s needs.

Conversations with Moss Park community members who are marginalized or disadvantaged are an important part of this consultation. Community organizers are working to engage in dialogue with residents who face barriers participating. If you would like to speak to a community organizer, please contact

The consultation has three phrases (launch, design and refine), each one offering the public an opportunity to advise the City of Toronto and The 519 on designs and plans as they are being developed. Consultation activities include public meetings and discussions, an online survey, community events, as well as focus groups and targeted conversations with particular communities or user groups.

1. LAUNCH (May-early June)

Begins conversations with residents and local communities; gathers initial ideas

2. DESIGN (June-July)

Explores emerging design ideas with community members; shares early site design concepts

3. REFINE (August-September)

Improves site design concepts based on public advice; refines design features and program approaches


The report to City Council will be shared with the community. City council must approve any proposal for redeveloping the park, community centre and arena.

Consultation principles


Everyone is welcome to share ideas, particularly those whose voices aren’t always heard.


Activities include many ways to contribute, be heard, meet others and learn.


Consultation activities will be reported on in a timely, clear and accessible way.

Phased approach

Ideas are gathered, developed and shared throughout the process, building a vision based on what we’ve heard.

Strengthening community

Members of Moss Park communities will have opportunities to learn from each other and contribute together to a shared vision.

Share your ideas

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