Focus Group with John Innes Community Centre Youth & Youth Workers

We had a great conversation with youth, youth workers and program staff at John Innes Community Centre on August 12. Many of the staff have grown up in the neighbourhood and are now working to provide leadership in the centre alongside the youth attending their programs and camps.

As frequent users of John Innes Community Centre’s facilities, they had particularly insightful ideas about what works well for them and what they would like to see in a new community centre and park space.


The community kitchen was a recurring theme with the group talking about how popular the youth cooking class has become. “It’d be so great to have a place where we could cook and eat together,” said one participant.

“I just want to knock that kitchen down and start anew! The ventilation is terrible and it’s just way too small,” added another.

The group was active in sport-based play and use the gym for basketball, soccer, volleyball, badminton, floor hockey and gymnastics. There were calls for a double gym space where more than one activity could go on at a time.

A big thanks to everyone for sharing their important ideas and time with us. Enjoy the remainder of summer camp and see you around John Innes C.C.!